Attention, Maine! Winter may be a few months away, but the savvy among us know - preparation is key to seamless living, regardless of the season.

Yes, you heard right - our new shipment of top-notch SnowDogg snow plows is rolling into our store! We have a nice range of light to heavy duty V-Blade, straight plows, TE series plows, as well as stainless and poly sanders!

It's time to be a step ahead of Mother Nature. Our new stock of SnowDogg plows is ready to take on the thick blankets of snow that define our beautiful Maine winters.

 Designed with the utmost care, these plows offer simplicity, efficiency, and resilience that set them apart.

Whether you're from Portland or Presque Isle, we know you understand the Maine winter. And that's exactly who we sell these plows for - folks who know the importance of a clear driveway on a cold morning. Need to get a new truck outfitted for this coming season? We also offer installation services for our quality sanders, lights, and plows! So why wait for the snowfall? 

Swing by our store today, and take a look at our sturdy snow plow collection. Be prepared and conquer the coming winter with confidence. Your future self (and likely your neighbors) will thank you!