Unveil the Next Level of Hauling Experience with RVI Motorsports' Versatile Trailers

Unveil the Next Level of Hauling Experience with RVI Motorsports' Versatile Trailers

When it comes to hauling, one size doesn't fit all. At RVI Motorsports, we understand this well. We offer a comprehensive selection of brand-new trailers, each uniquely designed to meet your specific transportation needs. But we don’t just stop at sales; our on-site services add value and convenience to your purchase. In this blog post, we will explore our range of trailers and the exclusive services that make us stand out.

Our Trailer Types


A utility trailer at RVI Motorsports

Ideal for all-purpose hauling, our Utility trailers are robust and versatile. Use them to transport anything from furniture to garden supplies.


A boat trailer at RVI Motorsports

Safely and efficiently transport your watercraft with our specialized Boat trailers. Designed to secure your boat, these trailers make water adventures more accessible.


A red snowmobile trailer at RVI Motorsports

Gear up for winter escapades with our Snowmobile trailers. Built to withstand cold temperatures and snowy conditions, these trailers ensure your snowmobiles reach their destination intact.


A trailer at RVI Motorsports

For those in construction and other heavy-duty professions, our Contractor trailers are built tough to withstand the rigors of the job site. Transport your machinery and equipment with ease.


A dump trailer at RVI Motorsports

Managing waste and materials is simplified with our Dump trailers. These are designed for heavy-duty tasks, including transporting soil, debris, and other substantial loads.

What Sets Us Apart

On-Site Fabrication Shop

Tailor your trailer to fit your specific requirements. Our on-site fabrication shop enables customization, ensuring that your trailer serves your unique needs effectively.

On-Site Lighting Packages

Improve safety and visibility with our specialized lighting packages. Available on-site, these lighting options can be added to any trailer model.

On-Site Repair Shop

Our commitment to our customers extends beyond the point of sale. With a full-service on-site repair shop, we offer post-sale support to keep your trailer in top condition.


RVI Motorsports is not just another trailer vendor. We offer a wide range of specialized trailers and back it up with exceptional on-site services. From all-purpose hauling to specialized transport needs, our trailers and services are designed to elevate your hauling experience. Choose RVI Motorsports for your next trailer purchase and enjoy the benefits of quality, versatility, and comprehensive post-sale support.

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